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Application for Undergraduate Summer Research Experience through the Bridge Program

Note to Applicant:
It is strongly recommended that each applicant print off the Undergraduate Summer Research Internship application prior to completion. This will allow the applicant to become familiar with the questions and information needed as well as the ability to work ahead of time to supply answers to the open response questions.

Any additional documents needed to successfully complete the application can be sent to Mrs. Renee Carroll, Bridge Program Coordinator via email as a pdf or jpeg: ecarroll@astate.edu.
All applications must be successfully completed along with any additional documents submitted prior to March 15th in order to be considered. If you have any questions or would like to check the status of your application, feel free to contact Mrs. Renee Carroll at 870-680-4330 or ecarroll@astate.edu.

I. Applicant Information
II. Eligibility Information
III. Family Information
IV. Financial Information
V. Educational Information

Please send three letters of recommendation from a school instructor, counselor, or administrator. You may utilize the suggested recommendation form.
Bridge Program Recommendation Form


The Statement of Purpose is required of all applicants. Please provide your personal insights as to what got you interested in scientific research, why you should be selected for participation in this program and what you expect to gain from this summer research experience. In addition, please identify the contributions that you wish to make as a future scientist to your chosen field of study as well as to your community. You should address each of these topics in a statement not to exceed two pages, double spaced. Please type, double space your statement on a separate document and send via mail to ecarroll@astate.edu


I understand that participation in the Bridge Program is an academic commitment. If selected as a Scholar, I will be expected to seriously utilize this opportunity, be responsible and professional, follow all the rules of the laboratory where I will work, attend all lab meetings, professional development sessions, social interaction activities, community service on weekends, and participate in the Summer Research Institute and Symposium. I understand that it is a residential program that includes weekends as well. I also understand that I will be expected to submit an abstract and paper, and present my research at an on campus symposium, in addition to performing 6 weeks of research in this residential program. Program staff will assist students in preparing for these activities. The program will provide academic support, a stipend of $3,000, meals, and room and board.