Open Records

Open Records

Welcome to the expenditure transparency site for Arkansas State University, which is required by Arkansas Code 6-61-135 (commonly known as the "Open Checkbook Act") of the 88th General Assembly. The Open Checkbook Act requires that state institutions post records of expenditures to a website that is operated by each institution. In compliance with this act, and in partnership with the Arkansas Department of Higher Education, Arkansas State University provides this information in an effort to increase transparency and to demonstrate stewardship of public funds.

The information on this site includes financial expenditures, which is reported from the university general ledger. The data is real-time and does not directly correlate with printed budget books and annual budget planning documents, as expenditures are adjusted based on many variables throughout the fiscal year.

In addition to the financial information, the university is required to make additional sets of information available to the public. In an effort to improve ease of access to public information, the university also provides all mandatory reports on the open records site. These additional items include:

ReportUpdate Cycle
State Agency Vehicle ReportAnnually
Minority Vendor ReportAnnually
ASU Crime Statistics ReportAnnually
Internet Usage Reports00:05 minutes

Certain information within financial records cannot be displayed, as it is protected by other statutory protections, such as the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. These acts, and others, prevent disclosure of student and patient data. Where possible, such information is redacted. If redaction is not possible, the information is not reported.

Expenditures are reported in aggregate, by month. The fiscal year for ASU begins on July 1 of each year and ends on June 30 of each year. Therefore, the first month of record for each reporting year is July.

Financial expenditures are updated on the 5th business date of each month for the preceding month. Five days are required in order to finalize all business for the month, reconcile accounts, and post to the site.

We welcome your questions or suggestions. Please contact us via email at: with any comments or questions about this site or data herein.

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