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St. Bernards Mobile Mammogram Bus on Campus November 30 2018-10-04

St. Bernards Mobile Mammography Bus will be on campus November 30th 

There are a few spots left if you would like to schedule an appointment for a screening mammogram.  To do so, please contact Human Resources at (870) 972-3454. 

Criteria for participants to be eligible for a screening mammograms on the mobile unit are as follows:

  • St. Bernards will perform annual screening mammograms beginning at age 40
  • Have NO symptoms (lumps, masses, or ANY breast problems)
  • Have NO personal history of breast cancer
  • Have NO breast implants
  • Must Have a primary care physician they have seen within the past 18 months who can receive the report
  • Must Have been a full year since previous screening mammogram

Early detection of breast cancer does make a difference.

*The Unit will be located near the Student Union on the Heritage Plaza Lawn side on the 30th.*