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Seeking Mentors for ABI Summer Intern Program 2019-03-19

ABI is sponsoring the ABI Summer Internship Program. This program is to provide basic support for Arkansas State University undergraduate students to enhance their academic experience by providing them with opportunities to participate in hands-on research and creative work with faculty and staff - in the sciences, engineering, professional programs, arts, humanities, or the social sciences (not limited to the sciences). Projects must be consistent with the ABI Mission Statement: to improve the health of Arkansans through new and expanded agricultural and medical research initiatives. Interns will be required to present on their experiences and findings of this project in early Fall to the A-State community.

If you wish to be considered for participation in this program as a mentor, please provide the following by the end of Wednesday, March 27:

1.) a short paragraph describing the research/work the student would be doing;

2.) some description of what the intern would learn and experience if they choose to work with you this summer;

3.) details of how your research/project/creative work adheres to the ABI Mission Statement.

4.) name, title, and contact information

Please make sure that these descriptions are easily understood by inexperienced students. This information will be made available along with the applications. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Minimum Intern Qualifications

♦ Must have completed at least 30 credit hours as of May 15 but will not complete an undergraduate degree prior to December 2019 at Arkansas State University.

♦ Selection criteria will be based upon academic credentials and the compatibility of student and mentor research interests.

Students will provide their top two (2) preferred mentors on the application. There will be a review process and applicants may be contacted for an interview. No guarantee, if internship is awarded, that the first preferred mentor will be the one assigned. Intern could begin as early as May 8.

The amount of each internship is $2,500, for which each student will be required to work twenty (20) hours per week for ten (10) weeks. Each mentor will be provided up to $1,000 to be used for supplies for the intern’s project. Students will be notified no later than April 24.